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Business Solutions


Recent studies are not conclusive, however, we believe at least 30% of new small businesses fail within two years and 50% within five years. We at Coughlins will assist you with many challenges and offer a wide variety of business solutions.

The business solutions we assist with and advise on, include:

  • strategic and long range planning

  • the nuts and bolts of accounting records

  • your sounding board for new ideas

  • working with you to increase efficiency and profitability

  • management reporting

  • financial accounting

  • cost accounting

  • preparing financial statements, monthly, or as required

  • budgeting

  • cash flows

  • liaising with your banker

  • working with, and reporting to your banker

  • raising and sources of finance

  • lease, buy or rent decisions

  • government grants​​​

  • fund raising and loan applications

  • investment evaluations

  • costing and pricing strategies

  • purchasing decisions

  • buying and selling a business

  • share and business valuations

  • human resources and staff recruitment

  • performance monitoring

  • asset management

  • business structures - sole trader, partnerships, company, trust

  • trust and company establishment

  • dealing with government bodies

  • Superannuation and trust work

  • Insolvency assistance and administration

  • Company De-registrations

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